Youth Ministry Vision:

It is our hope and prayer that as the youth of Gospel Church Richland move from childhood into adulthood that they will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As a result of their spiritual regeneration, the following spiritual characteristics can be cultivated:

  • To come to know and love God through His Word
  • To gain a passion for prayer and worship of God
  • To have the desire and the ability to share the gospel with the lost
  • To have discernment to know and do God’s will
  • To develop godly relationships that will encourage and sharpen their faith
  • To have a heart for ministry and to serve in the church

We believe that all of the above occur with the help of a local congregation, the local church is vital to the life of any Christian and this is especially true for the youth. Therefore, we would encourage young people to get involved in youth Bible Studies, regular attendance of Worship and Prayer Services as well as seasonal youth and church events.